The Legend of Kung Fu Ducks Show

I am only kidding, there is no show where ducks would do kung fu. Of course, that would be totally silly.. in fact, there would be not much point in it. But despite this little fact, which we will not let bother us.. there are not just ducks in Beijing but also a lot of really skilful and amazing martial artists.

For those who don’t know, Kung Fu is the number one martial art in China. There is nothing that can beat the art of kung fu. The reason for this is simple of course, it is the meaning of the word itself.

It refers to basically any martial art that comes from China. Which includes so many different kinds that people have lost track. That’s why it is convenient to call everything just “kung fu”. But it’s good to remember and understand, that if someone says that.. the only thing it tells you is that there is going to be some awesome fighting involved, and it’s related to China somehow. If someone says that it’s just one “martial arts style”, they are wrong and should be booed!

So Beijing ducks what was it. Ah, now I remember. The city hosts (seriously) world famous performances of The Legend Of Kung Fu Show. This is most likely, the most incredible achievement in Chinese show history. And that is not an overstatement. The actors are not Shoalin Monks. After all, buddhist are not after money. And this show is certainly making the big bucks. But what scan you except from a legend, it’s going to be a huge hit of course. Especially foreigners are crazy about this performance, but Chinese are just as big fans too.

I’m sharing with you some awesome photographs from the show. Don’t be afraid, the show is awesome. But it won’t bite you, if you watch it from a safe distance. If you are into action then this is a must for you. Also I would like to warn you, that if you have kids.. well, it just might be that after seeing it, they might become kung fu masters. Or at least take the path. So be prepared to pay their kung fu lessons! 🙂

The Legend of Kung Fu Show Red Theater Red Theatre Kung Fu Show Kung Fu Show

The Legend of Kung Fu Show is hosted at the Red Theatre in Beijing.

Address: 44 Xingfu Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tickets, you can call them: +86-18612359093 (remember to ask for discount tickets!)

Written by Dave Engel

The person behind these writings, in real life known as “Dave Engel” and a simple, duck loving father. Living in the small and beautiful German town in Luckenwalde. Dreaming about big things from a small small world. You can read more about me if you wish. I love snail mail, please send me some!


  1. Jose Lindsay

    The Legend of Kung Fu seems like a show from my dreams. Really want to see it one day!! –Jose

  2. Joan Bates

    Kung fu ducks?! That sounds hilarious.. 😛


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