Good at Swimming

Ducks are good at swimming and some humans are too. I recently, met a friend of mine and he said that he had started swimming school. I just laughed when I heard that. I have never been to a swimming school, and I don’t think there is really any need to go to one either. People are born to be swimmers, and should not be difficult at least if you start at an early stage in life.

So far, I had thought that swimming school is for those who cannot and probably will never learn to swim. But I was wrong. Turned out this friend of mine had become a beast of a swimmer. Much better than me, and had mastered even the butterfly. I have to admit, that being a master at breast stroke, butterfly is something I am really bad at. Turns out, swimming has something to do with technique and by studying it you can become a better swimmer. Well, competing swimmers do that but I kind of didn’t know it would be that obvious. Or that it would apply to everyone.

Anyway, looks like I am going to swimming school. I want to learn breast stroke, not just for the experience but also because I want to beat my friend. Har, har!

// Dave Engel

All ponds and lakes are alike. Because all of them create a harmonious society and a society for ducks and other birds. But some are more beautiful than others, either way they are all equally important. It’s no longer a question if you like the water side or not, or if you care for the nature or not. These inhabitants are absolutely essential for the survival of our planet. Sound too much? Not at all, as the same applies to just about all the nature inhabits we have in the wild.

Here is a couple of examples of places that I enjoy tremendously.

Beautiful Lake

Not much can beat a beautiful big lake, where you can just take it easy, sit back and relax while watching the water not move.

Beautiful Pond

Ponds are great as well. They have a more isolated and algae-kind of feeling to them. Their beauty is more simplistic and small. Which is just as great phenomenon as lakes.

Marvellous, right?!

I am only kidding, there is no show where ducks would do kung fu. Of course, that would be totally silly.. in fact, there would be not much point in it. But despite this little fact, which we will not let bother us.. there are not just ducks in Beijing but also a lot of really skilful and amazing martial artists.

For those who don’t know, Kung Fu is the number one martial art in China. There is nothing that can beat the art of kung fu. The reason for this is simple of course, it is the meaning of the word itself.

It refers to basically any martial art that comes from China. Which includes so many different kinds that people have lost track. That’s why it is convenient to call everything just “kung fu”. But it’s good to remember and understand, that if someone says that.. the only thing it tells you is that there is going to be some awesome fighting involved, and it’s related to China somehow. If someone says that it’s just one “martial arts style”, they are wrong and should be booed!

So Beijing ducks what was it. Ah, now I remember. The city hosts (seriously) world famous performances of The Legend Of Kung Fu Show. This is most likely, the most incredible achievement in Chinese show history. And that is not an overstatement. The actors are not Shoalin Monks. After all, buddhist are not after money. And this show is certainly making the big bucks. But what scan you except from a legend, it’s going to be a huge hit of course. Especially foreigners are crazy about this performance, but Chinese are just as big fans too.

I’m sharing with you some awesome photographs from the show. Don’t be afraid, the show is awesome. But it won’t bite you, if you watch it from a safe distance. If you are into action then this is a must for you. Also I would like to warn you, that if you have kids.. well, it just might be that after seeing it, they might become kung fu masters. Or at least take the path. So be prepared to pay their kung fu lessons! :)

The Legend of Kung Fu Show Red Theater Red Theatre Kung Fu Show Kung Fu Show

The Legend of Kung Fu Show is hosted at the Red Theatre in Beijing.

Address: 44 Xingfu Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tickets, you can call them: +86-18612359093 (remember to ask for discount tickets!)

Just like ducks, I love nature and water. I am especially fond of how cities combined with nature.. one of the best ways to do that is nature. Lakes and ponds next to parks is what I always go to look for when I want to have a break. They really give me enjoinment in life. In fact, I have gathered a few beautiful photos that I took in China of water in various places. Have a look.

China Lake 1 China Lake 2 China Lake 3 China Lake 4

As you can see, beautiful and old Chinese architecture is well present in these “lake side” views. It’s when humans combine themselves with nature, life becomes very ZEN.

These were great places for ducks, as well as my self.


Acrobatic Duck Chaoyang Theatre Beijing

It has been a long time since I have felt so ducky. And what better place to do duck stuff, than the amazing capital city of China, Beijing. Yes, in China they have ducks too, and lots of them as well. I must say that even though being Chinese, they are pretty well mannered for a duck.

What really hit me with the ducky stuff, was the acrobatic show at the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing. Someone like me, in such a huge theatre, watching such a huge performance with such huge effects and even more huge stunts. Now that’s quite a ratio right there, on top of that I was handed discount tickets which led me seating at the VIP area, “RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THING”. From there, not only do you have the best view to the stage but also you get all the cheering crowd concentrated into the middle, boosting up that theatre experience. Yes, I felt high like I could float to the ceiling and become of the acrobats themselves. This effect lasted for a good hour after which I proceeded to go and eat some Peking Duck (ironically enough), at a nearby restaurant. Chaoyang district is famous for the roasted duck speciality, not something that is tasty in every part of the city.

And that pretty much concludes my duck experience. I would add that Peking Duck was the best duck I’ve had in my life. Highly recommended, the name is pretty funny, it’s “Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant”. Chinese do know how to make overly long names for things. Maybe it’s because there are so many names of places that they need to be long not to confuse with others. Or not, how would I know, I don’t speak Chinese. All I know is that I love China. And acrobatics there is at the best at Chaoyang Theatre, and don’t take my word for it. Go and see the show for yourself. Prepare for a mind-blowing experience coloured like a rainbow.

Over and out.

Can a Duck Swim?

I found this awesome entry from the urban dictionary. When someone asks:

Can a duck swim?

It means that something is obvious or evident. Like as in, “No shit!”. And guess what, I think I will be using this expression from now on.

I like to keep things natural, and with a “duck can swim” attitude, I thing life will just fall right into it’s place. I don’t care if I am in Instanbul or China, everything is possible. Obviously! :)

Welcome To The Swimming Duck

First of all, I want to say thank you to the great folks at Duck DNS who provided me with the most perfect domain I could have ever hoped for. I will treasure it forever, and keep this as my personal place where I look at the life from the pond.

Why Ducks you say? Well, some people like cats or dogs, so why not ducks? I am not the cuddly type and ducks aren’t either. Perhaps there is just something similar about us. Me (Davel Engel) and the ducks I mean.

I’m from Germany, a little little town called Luckenwalde & maybe that’s why I feel small like a duck. But this duck likes to go out into the big big world and observe the wonders of life.

I know, doesn’t sound very poetic does it. I am just a plain person with a not so plain preference in viewing pleasure. Just floating in the pond and watching life, as usual.