Can a Duck Swim?

Can a Duck Swim?

I found this awesome entry from the urban dictionary. When someone asks:

Can a duck swim?

It means that something is obvious or evident. Like as in, “No shit!”. And guess what, I think I will be using this expression from now on.

I like to keep things natural, and with a “duck can swim” attitude, I thing life will just fall right into it’s place. I don’t care if I am in Instanbul or China, everything is possible. Obviously! 🙂

Written by Dave Engel

The person behind these writings, in real life known as “Dave Engel” and a simple, duck loving father. Living in the small and beautiful German town in Luckenwalde. Dreaming about big things from a small small world. You can read more about me if you wish. I love snail mail, please send me some!

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