Ciao from Italy my Swimming Ducklings!

I have some pretty good news for you and all of us. I have been taking a big bath, in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. This lake is called: “Lake Garda”, or in Italian: “Lago di Garda”. Yet, I am getting a bit bored and I am thinking of ordering some books from Amazon to entertain myself. I am now writing this at Sirmione, an ancient town just next to the lake with stunning views to both the water and it’s surrouding mountains. The town is also very very lovely, and I think I will stay here to live for a few weeks more. Eating a lot of olives and swimming for sure. it is the biggest lake in the whole of Italy, very close to Verona & Brescia. In fact I used to live in Verona.

Inviting Lake Garda

Even thought I just used to love everything about this place, and even the whole of Italy when I was living here, things have changed. Or more than that, I feel I have changed myself. Before it was fresh and exciting, now it is full of memories but they are old memories which have passed. Perhaps I am getting old as well, which is why I really need those Amazon books so that I can just blend in an be a local person. I want to enjoy the place in a way that’s just calm and relaxing, but I guess the only obstacle on this trip has been that even though there is a library here. All the books are in Italian language, which I never bothered to study.

Not that I would be bad in languages or anything, in fact after having lived in Italy, I soon moved to Spain. Consequently I speak Spanish very well because it was just a time in my life, when I was interested in learning languages. Here it is useful too as there are many similar words, but while it may help in speech.. on the internet it’s a different thing. And I was really struggling to get through the service with my limited language abilities. I just wanted it in English and since they have loads of English language books I was a bit surprised that they don’t have support for it.

Turns out that you can make your own support, which is not official of course but it works just as well. Much better than I could have ever anticipated in fact. I should say congratulations to my self at this point, because I have four books in the mail which look so delicious that I could almost eat them. I am just really lucky to have found this awesome guide, on how to buy from Amazon Italy in English which gives perfect instructions on achieving the task. Makes you think really how advanced we have developed in terms of translation technology. Perhaps next time I am holding some kind of small device, like a “babel fish” or something that translates automatically speech and let’s me have a full time conversation.

Either way, I will be very happy and my weeks here will be perfect after Amazon has delivered my books. Until then, as the Italians say “there are plenty of fish in the sea”, which refers to all the the beautiful women in Italy of course! <3

Looking much forward!

Loving regards,
Dave Engel

Written by Dave Engel

The person behind these writings, in real life known as “Dave Engel” and a simple, duck loving father. Living in the small and beautiful German town in Luckenwalde. Dreaming about big things from a small small world. You can read more about me if you wish. I love snail mail, please send me some!

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