Hello People of The Earth Duck

Welcome To The Swimming Duck

First of all, I want to say thank you to the great folks at Duck DNS who provided me with the most perfect domain I could have ever hoped for. I will treasure it forever, and keep this as my personal place where I look at the life from the pond.

Why Ducks you say? Well, some people like cats or dogs, so why not ducks? I am not the cuddly type and ducks aren’t either. Perhaps there is just something similar about us. Me (Davel Engel) and the ducks I mean.

I’m from Germany, a little little town called Luckenwalde & maybe that’s why I feel small like a duck. But this duck likes to go out into the big big world and observe the wonders of life.

I know, doesn’t sound very poetic does it. I am just a plain person with a not so plain preference in viewing pleasure. Just floating in the pond and watching life, as usual.

Written by Dave Engel

The person behind these writings, in real life known as “Dave Engel” and a simple, duck loving father. Living in the small and beautiful German town in Luckenwalde. Dreaming about big things from a small small world. You can read more about me if you wish. I love snail mail, please send me some!

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